5 July 2014

Four Panel Piece: Ham Common Pond

Four Panel Piece: Ham Common Pond - 2014-028
acrylic, ink, compressed charcoal, pastel & collage on pieced papers
57 x 82 cm, 22.5 x 32 in.

This piece comprises four pieced paper panels. Each panel is made of two layers of A3 paper glued together with acrylic medium. On each panel is a rough, rapidly executed, expressionist and abstracted depiction of the pond on Ham Common in South West London. These images of the pond are derived from the same source photograph. The image on each panel is part drawing in compressed charcoal and ink sprayed down with water from a diffuser that is then monoprinted onto a painting on canvas which also depicts the same photograph of the pond. In a reversal of the process of monoprinting the image from paper panel to canvas, acrylic, compressed charcoal and ink have been applied to the canvas and this image monoprinted onto some of the paper panels. Residues of earlier monoprintings onto the canvas and onto the paper panels have further complicated and abstracted the image of the pond found on each panel in the completed piece. These four panels have then been pieced together.

Superimposed on the four pieced panels is a map in blue acrylic of the roads that surround the pond. This map was painted freehand from a tracing in ink from a laptop screen displaying the Google street map of the area around Ham Common. The freehand map contains inaccuracies, omissions and spatial distortions.

The underpainting on the bottom-left panel is in cadmium red acrylic and on the top-right panel in green pastel mixed with acrylic medium — the choice of these colours and mediums is arbitrary.

The writing in yellow on the left column of panels is a list of the names of some of the roads in the map as recorded from Google Maps during the process of creating the initial map tracing — the selection and order of the names has no other significance. The list of the roads is as follows: Lock Road, Ham Street, Upper Ham Road, Back Lane, New Road, Mornington Walk, Ham Gate Avenue, Church Road, Ham Farm Road, Warners Lane and Dukes Avenue.

The collaged yellow shape that bisects the two columns of panels is the pond on Ham Common.