8 July 2014

Map of Ham Common and surrounding roads

Map of Ham Common and surrounding roads - 2014-030
ink and graphite pencil on tracing paper, 253 x 378 mm, 10 x 14.75 in.

This is the sheet of tracing paper on which the map of roads surrounding Ham Common has been traced from Google Maps. From this tracing the scaled-up map in blue acrylic with its omissions and spatial distortions in Four Pieced Panels: Ham Common Pond has been derived.

The oval shape in the top-left corner (much magnified in comparison to the tracing of roads) is the outline from Google Maps of the pond on Ham Common. The outline has first been traced from a laptop screen in ink and then on the reverse side of this tracing sheet the line repeated in pencil; the tracing has then been placed on top of a sheet of paper, ink tracing side-up, and the tracing in ink rubbed with pencil to transfer the faint outline of the pencil line underneath to the paper sheet. The faint outline in pencil on the sheet of paper has then been cut-out to create the shape (subsequently painted yellow) of Ham Common Pond collaged onto Four Pieced Panels: Ham Common Pond.